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Copper Coated Aluminium Welding Rod ZSA-929685


it is composed of aluminum-copper-Phosphorus alloy. It has good toughness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, etc. It’s suitable for welding mild steel, cast iron, nickel alloy, hard alloy and other materials.
Xlnxiang Kolanky Welding started in the 1980’s, we are the member of China Welding Association and Henan Welding Professional Committee Syndic Unit. Our company approved by ISO9001:2008 and ISO4001:2004, and all of the products meet SGS and ROHS directive requirements. We take more than 60-70% marketing shares in domestic, including the international famous companies, such as Midea Group and Gree Electric Appliances, Danfoss, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, etc.
MSDS-copper coated aluminium welding brazing rod ZSA-929685

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zsa-929685 copper coated aluminium welding rod
MSDS-copper coated aluminium welding brazing rod ZSA-929685

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copper coated aluminium welding brazing rod ZSA-929685
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